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Cake Walk

Cake Walk
Cakewalk makes girls look and feel cool.

Cakewalk Girls have an ambitious attitude and dare to dream of the future. Our collection is fun and brings confidence. Unique hand made prints in a kaleidoscopic range of razzle-dazzle colours characterize the brand, not to mention its high quality and clever use of detail.

Our look for girls is a bit more mature, while the minis get an extra dash of sweetness.

For many years Cakewalk has been working with the same suppliers. We rely on their expertise and they rely of Cakewalks expertise. Cakewalk visit factories several times a year to ensure that conditions remain good, that people are treated well and they are happy with what they do. This also means that we ask realistic prices for our items.

Cakewalk wants to make clothing in an honest way. By buying honest brands - such as Cakewalk -, you make a statement saying you accept a way of working.

And that feels good! This makes wearing our clothing feel like a real treat!